Tecnoplus 25 Pressurization

Tecnoplus 25 Pressurization

A horizontal, multistage, centrifugal pump with frequency converter.

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Compact unit with constant pressure for domestic applications, without fluctuations and electrical saving. Easy to install and plug & pump design.


Asynchronous, two poles 50/60 Hz, IP 55 protection. Class F insulation. Continous operation. Water-cooled motor. Three-phase motor 230 V and single-phase supply 230 V. Built-in thermal protection and starting box with a double capacitor.


Pump body and impeller in stainless steel AISI 304. Diffusors in thermoplastic. Mechanical seal in graphite and ceramic. O-rings in NBR and EPDM.


A horizontal, multistage, centrifugal pump with frequency converter with the keyboard. Built-in pressure sensor. Built-in dry running control, pressure gauge and dry running control with sequential re-starts in the case of failure. Reduce the water hammer effect on the installations. With two-meter cable H07RNF 3×1 mm(2) and Schuko plug.
Optional: 8 I. pressure vessel.


Maximum Suction 5m. for installation with a foot valve. Maximum working pressure 6 bar. Maximum intake pressure 2bar. Water temperature from 4°C to 40° C. Room temperature from -10°C to 50°C.