Drainex 100 Drainage

Drainex 100 Drainage

Submersible pumps, Vortex system for sewerage water.

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Drainage of sewerage and dirty water, operation in septic tanks and small purifying installations.


Asynchronous, two poles, IP 68 protection. Class F insulation. Continous operation. Water-cooled motor. Single-phase version built-in thermal protection.
Drainex100: without a float switch.
Drainex100 A: supplied built-in float switch.


Discharge body and upper mounting of cast iron. The impeller in brass with the free passage of particles in a suspension of θ 34mm. Double mechanical seal in ceramic/graphite and ceramic silicon carbide. Motor housing and transport handle in stainless steel AISI 304


Supplied with 10m power cable. Single-phase supplied with capacitor box.


Maximum solids handing: 32mm.
Maximum immersion: 8m.
Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C